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Sue Allen BSc (Hons), SROT

An assessment is designed to help you make informed choices and is tailored to meet your specific enquiries in relation to your condition.

The assessment will be conducted at the showroom by our own State Registered Occupational Therapist Sue Allen, qualified to assess your needs in relation to difficulties you are experiencing and products you may be considering. Generally this service is free of charge to help you make appropriate, safe and informed choices. If you need a written assessment report there may be a negotiated charge.

We ask you to pre book an assessment to ensure Sue has dedicated time set aside for you. If you arrive without an appointment we cannot guarantee the availability of an assessment. You are more than welcome to bring a friend or relative with you who can be present for the assessment.

Sue will find out the background as to what you are looking for, the type of difficulties you may be experiencing or the problems you are trying to solve. A private consultation area is available. The assessment is completely confidential unless you give permission for the findings to be disclosed to someone such as your hospital therapist, district nurse, GP or family member for example.

Dependent upon the type of product(s) you are considering Sue will then demonstrate products and  provide opportunity to try each for yourself; sometimes Sue may need to measure you if you are considering products such as chairs to ensure the most appropriate size and comfort.

You can expect the assessment to take around 30-45 minutes and at the end Sue will confirm what has been considered, the type of products which may help you and provide you with any relevant information for you to go away and consider. You will then be able to contact Sue again if you wish to clarify anything or think of further questions or queries.

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